About Bob Keyes

Bob Keyes’ family has been in the horticulture industry since 1904, when his great-grandfather, Frank D. Keyes, started a nursey/florist business in Florence, Massachusetts. His other great grandfather, Edward J. Canning  was the first head gardener at Smith College greenhouse. There is a long history of plantsmen in this family. He is the fourth generation of horticulturists.

Bob has a floriculture degree from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst and a marketing degree from Greenfield Community College. He has been a horticulturist for more than forty five years. Over that time, he has started several businesses, including Keyes Flower Shop and Greenhouses, Keyes Landscaping,  Keyes Catalog (perennials and gifts) Florence Ma.,  Keyes Flower Market, Northampton Ma. , Keyes Rose Company (Hadley and Boston Flower Exchange), KeyesPerennials.com (online perennials) and now Keyes Perennial Farm and Keyes Landscaping in Cummington, MA.

Bob has been a leader in horticulture in New England for years. His knowledge of floriculture and the study of perennials and of  native  plants  of the northeast are not matched by many. Come visit the farm in Cummington and see how we have learned to work with the beauty of nature. We are a green nursery, solar powered and organically based to make sure we preserve and promote local agriculture.                                                                                                           Bob has a consultation business to the industry. Nurseries, Garden Centers, Greenhouse operations, Landscapers, Farm to Table and more. Marketing strategy included. Bob charges a fee and travel expense.

Bob has appeared on tv and has been a speaker at many horiculture events throughout New England. As a master gardener and speaker on perennials and native plants. Bob charges a fee plus travel expenses for speaking at events.  Please call ahead for fees and if he has the time to do the event. Call 413-685 5260.  Email: info@keyesperennialfarm.com . Bob was born to farm!